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It was first titled "Ayo Pornography" when it first leaked in May 2007, then "Ayo Technology" in June, and then "She Wants It" by July.

Finally, the song title was reverted to "Ayo Technology." The song features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, but most sources don't credit Timbaland for being on the song.

In 2008, it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Song.

As revealed within its lyrics, "Ayo Technology" puts a strong emphasis on hot-blooded sexual fantasies, explicit body movements (such as when Timberlake utters the line "Why don't you sit down on top of me") and wild festivities at nightclubs.

Always been called Busayt but a few people knew it was Bus Ayotunde.

You shocked me as you picked a date very dear to everyone’s heart to ask me to marry you (your twin sister’s wedding day.

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The song was also covered by Skyla, a British singer-songwriter whose version was popular in the dance genre and Katerine Avgoustakis, another Belgian singer, whose version was successful in Poland.

Hip Hop DX reported that the song was renamed three times.

I will always love you my fiancé Ayotunde Ilesanmi.

Genuinely speaking, Ope and Ayo officially met almost a year before they started dating during a brief encounter at a church service. ”ayo technology” is the fourth single from this album and was released on introduction: 50 cent. Commonly on internet, chiptune, chipmusic and 8-bit sound mean the same thing. According to the guy above it’s from a crystal castles song.


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