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At the party, Love performed her band Hole's "Violet" with Sandler, while Jarecki filmed the duet. " Jarecki wrote on Instagram along with a clip of the duo's performance.Jarecki is best known for directing and writing the 2012 thriller film "Arbitrage," starring Richard Gere. But despite their 15-year age gap, a source told New York Post's Page Six that the two immediately hit it off after meeting for the first time this past September."Courtney and Nick were introduced through mutual friends three months ago and immediately hit it off," a source told the news outlet, before confirming that the two "have been dating." "Nick's really into her.


"As a subject of the film, I didn't want to have anything to do with producing it because I think it would have impugned on the credibility of it," she says.Should Courtney Love's exes start a support group? Courtney Love, er...”Courtney Michelle” as she supposedly now wants to be called, is having quite the messy, headline-making week. Call us crazy, but we think Courtney may be carrying around a wee bit of relationship baggage.Not only is she embattled in a Twitter war with ex-lover Billy Corgan, she also went on Howard Stern and claimed that she had slept with Gavin Rossdale while he was still dating his now wife Gwen Stefani... Let’s review the former wild child’s romantic history, shall we? Kurt Cobain - Courtney will forever be linked to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.He is the younger brother of filmmakers Andrew Jarecki, the director of HBO's "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, and Eugene Jarecki, who directed "Freakonomics." Do you think Love and Jarecki make a great couple?

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"I loved it still, but I didn't have a fantasy that he had. His fantasy was, 'I'm gonna get to million and then I'm gonna be a junkie.' Those are his words." Novoselic seems to support this, saying that Love's drug use was "all part of the package of building a home," in Cobain's mind.


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