Cougar chatbot

The Ashley Madison breach in July 2015 was one of the most fun stories of that year.

The controversy’s moral roller coaster initially pitted privacy hawks against moralists of multiple varieties.

So when is the right time to turn to technology and automate CX?

To answer that question, you have to start at the finish line.

Today, rather than addressing that highly regarded 700M from Cougar, we shift slightly left on our desktop to their latest mechanical keyboard.

This time around, we get a culmination of many successful designs that proceed this keyboard.

Were the revelations the cheaters’ just deserts or did the infiltrators’ crusade unfairly hurt individuals minding their own business?



The key layout of the seventy-four keys on the main section of the keyboard is pretty normal with a font that is easy to read.To most, Cougar may still be a PSU, fan, and chassis company, but after what we saw with the 700M, we found Cougar is also trying to get to the top of the heap in peripherals as well.If you happened to have missed that review, we strongly urge you to go have a look, as it was there that we saw the high level of construction, the use of top-tier components, and software that just wouldn't quit.Now, take all of that, stir it in a pot, and you have a very good sense of how Cougar is taking the best of the best, and dropping it into one sleek, and very unique looking mechanical keyboard.

If you haven't already guessed, today we are going to look at the latest peripheral from Cougar, the 700K mechanical keyboard.To give you a basic idea of what we mean, imagine something like the Corsair K Series keyboards with the black caps, LED lights, and that sleek aluminum plate; then, mix in a fair bit of the Logitech G710 .


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