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Based on insights we got from Buyers and Sellers, it is preferred or completely necessary that some projects are done in person in a specific location, whilst this need is inadequately covered by People Per Hour at the moment.Most Buyers prefer to work with a Seller at their location e.g.PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEB SITE.BY USING THIS WEB SITE, YOU ARE CONSENTING TO BE OBLIGATED AND BECOME A PARTY TO THIS AGREEMENT.Travel or change of residence may come with these opportunities.Some may not consider the accuracy of their profiles a big deal.


The General Plan also has a focus on how to design infill development and reinvest in existing communities.Please see Chapter 13 of the City of San Diego Municipal Code for more details regarding the Citywide zones that implement the Community Plan.Development projects deemed completed prior to this effective date can continue to be processed under the 1988 Uptown Community Plan, Mid-City Communities Planned District, and the West Lewis Street Planned District.However, proper user representation is always preferred, especially if you will be staying somewhere new for a considerable length of time.


You should always make sure that your account is updated with your current information.

This ensures that the account’s change in security detail is done by someone authorized to do so.*Note: This is only applicable for users who have not yet verified their phone number nor undergone KYC.


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