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She feels that the challenges and hardship is what makes a woman stronger as a mother,” said the source.

So, according to the insider, the Grimm star is loving her new status as a mother and is tackling all her new challenges like a pro. The informant informed us that the husband and wife duo take time to look after Eugene.

, has repeatedly engaged in egregious public misbehavior all over New York City.

Most recently, the New York Post reported on its famous and widely-cited Page Six that Sutherland had been spotted in the audience at the Lower East Side’s tiny Rockwood Music Hall, where he loudly heckled bluegrass singer and guitarist Michael Daves during Daves’s weekly solo performance.

The source also revealed that the actress was struggling hard to manage her time for work and her child. She has to divide her time for both work and family.

But despite all the difficulties, Claire is really enjoying being a mother.

These 2 talented artists will give us to listen to amazing covers of standards from the British and US pop songbook (Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Radiohead…)…



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