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“This case is fabricated and libellous,” Firza’s lawyer Azis Yanuar said.

The Jakarta Police confirmed on Tuesday that Rizieq, who has ignored several police summonses for questioning over the alleged pornographic text conversation, was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

NGOs reported a sharp increase during the reporting period in the number of boys rescued from prostitution, mainly discovered during police investigations of online social networking sites suspected of being front operations for prostitution rings.

Taiwan authorities made clear progress during the rating period by improving efforts to investigate and prosecute trafficking cases, approving amendments to Taiwan’s Immigration Act that will significantly enhance legal protections for trafficking victims, and approving a budget plan of .6 million for victim protection measures.

Earlier this year, the police summoned Firza for questioning after screenshots of what appears to be steamy Whats App chats between Rizieq and Firza were uploaded to the Internet.

It is also a source of women trafficked to Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.By 1998, the new regulations had made divorce a little easier, allowed the wife to keep her own property registered in her name before 1985 without proving that she previously owned it; and allowed the judge to consider the best interest of children when evaluating the custody of children in a divorce case.


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