Chat no restriction to nudity

Knowing a bit more about the potentially dangerous apps and the risks associated with these can help you keep your child safe.


You won't be able to speak in all chat, but you'll be able to see it if you have the option selected.

Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information Do not invade the privacy of others.

It is prohibited to share content that may reveal private personal information about individuals, or their private residence, without permission.

All rule violations are determined solely by official Beam Enforcement Staff, based on a review of evidence. Arguing with staff about the results of a rule violation investigation may result in account access restrictions. Please note that abusing the reporting system itself isn't nice and runs the risk of account suspension!


Before you file a report please verified that the offense is against the Beam Rules of User Conduct below.

I can provide the photo if necessary although since your computer marked it I'm sure you can view it.


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