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The argument was rational: everyone tends to work more than they play as they get older, people don’t all live in the city, and the opportunities for meeting other singles can become fewer and fewer.

His advocacy on behalf of online dating was a reasonably logical one, particularly after the Meursault had been polished off.

Recently a small group of single, Catholic, professional fellows of my acquaintance were sitting around, having some beverages, and doing what all single men do of an evening, when there are no ladies present, which is talk about women, and why we didn’t seem to be having much success in that area.

A friend of a friend happened to join us, and suggested that we approach online dating as a way of meeting single Catholic women around town whom we might not otherwise run into.

The needs of single catholic people are very different.


Arne was also a Freemason, when Pope Clement XII had forbidden Catholics to be Freemasons in 1738, so that's a conundrum.

Members new to the site exchange their emails for an automatically-generated user ID, but one Catholic writer from the Dallas Area Catholics says it’s not as private as one might assume: This site is smart in that everyone operates under automatically generated IDs, but people are dumb and have left their personal e-mails all over the place.


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