Camilla dating jonas


According to Us Weekly, the “Jealous” singer recently posted a throwback photo with Cabello on his Instagram account.https:// TTDk VZF/While Jonas and Cabello previously dismissed rumors that they are dating, many fans believed that there is more than friendship between the two singers.

The photo showed Jonas with his hand on Cabello’s lower back, which only fueled rumors that the two are already dating in real life.

Cabello confirmed directly with Darik that the two aren’t together.

Fans insisted that Jonas’ throwback post was already a hint that there is more between them than just friends.

After all, Jonas recently admitted that he is single and is currently meeting and hanging out with a bunch of new people.

Jonas and Cabello have also exchanged a couple of tweets online.

Their friendly exchanges on Twitter, however, were given deeper meanings by their fans and supporters.

The two initially linked up soon after the singer's split from Taylor Swift.


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