Bert mccracken gerard way dating


He doesn’t want to sound desperate but it is an underestimation to say Gerard finds him hot or fancies him. Gerard fucking adores him, that guy is a god to him, and an awfully beautiful one. And he’d never, ever expected he’d be able to talk, or even get him to like him one day.

Because let’s be real, Gerard is this awkward introvert, and Frank… Fate, apparently, wants to give Gerard and Frank a chance though, so a lucky coincidence makes them spend a night at Frank’s apartment – and they end up having sex. Frank makes Gerard his sub and uses all kinds of toys and punishments on him, making all of Gerard’s dirtiest fantasies come true in the following weeks. And when I opened the door I saw the fire and I tried to put it out with that water,” here Gerard motioned to his wet silk pajamas as to confirm that he knew that part, “and then I woke you up.

He knew he had much more to be concerned about, such as the fact he was wanted by his species’ government for his dead parents’ crimes. They locate the Circle of Life (as the ferris wheel has apparently been deemed), and get about halfway through the line, when they realize there’s a problem. “Yeah, but Frank likes me more,” Bert says, and then Frank gives him a high five behind Gerard’s back.

Greta made a mistake and now she and Mikey are in hell, biding their time until Greta's eighteen and they can escape to the city and live out their dreams.



Things are harder than he thought, and with little street sense, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad.(This is the prequel to "Who Buys a Husband Online Anyway?! The whole concept of "love at first sight" is ridiculous. Living with his brother, though, really prohibits him from making much of a change. Pero cuando dos almas atrapadas de la manera incorrecta colisionan, en lugar de liberarse mutuamente, todo termina por quebrárse más. Hopeless crushes and glimpses of each other turn into something both of them could have never imagined. But his whole life get's flipped upside down when he's sold in an auction to a man with bright hazel eyes.


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