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After only a few months, Watson and Fitzsimmons were dropped in favor of Jim Ryan, who became sole anchor; Watson remained on the program in a reduced role.

By 1990, Ryan was joined by weathercaster Julie Golden and newsreader Lyn Brown, who also later served as the anchor of Good Day Wake Up.

I got a call around tonight from the wife of one of my oldest friends. He got sick about 2 weeks ago, and it turned into pneumonia, I guess, and he never got better.

Bob was one of the biggest, toughest, most athletic guys I ever knew, and he died from the friggin' flu.

At one point he uses a slanderous word (ptasse, translated in the subtitles as "skank") for two of the girls who have been unruly as class representatives at a meeting with teachers, and a confrontation that follows with the undisciplined Soulaymane (Franck Keita) leads to the latter's expulsion and embarrassment for Martin when his language becomes known to his colleagues.

On the other hand, despite constant challenges, dialogue happens, even about such arcane matters as French subjunctives.

The program broadcasts each weekday morning from to 10 a.m. portion also features news, traffic and weather, but also incorporates entertainment segments (including celebrity interviews – both in-studio and occasionally via satellite) as well as feature segments (such as fashion and food segments).

At the program's debut, Good Day was hosted by veteran WNYW reporter Marian Etoile Watson and radio personality Bob Fitzsimmons.


Receiving the award for the station were Emmy® Award-winning reporter Lynda Baquero and John Durso, Jr.When Gilligan says she is about to go and put some clothes on, Kelly tells her "Hold on a second, no, not so fast Anna." He then stutters to find a question to keep the presenter on air and receives another telling off from Scotto who even slaps him on the arm and tells him to "be nice and stop milking this shot." Even then, he does not pick up on the clues and continues with the awkwardness.The camera operator even gets involved by sparing Gilligan's blushed and cutting to a shot of the pool rather than the presenter in her two-piece.Gilligan was there to show how the park had been transformed.

But if she thought the hardest part of her broadcast was going on one of the rides and then swimming live on TV, she was wrong.

After getting out of the water, a self-conscious Gilligan, who admitted it was "scary" that she had to strip to a two-piece on air, was subjected to some awkward comments from Kelly.


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