Are ashanti and nelly still dating


“I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character. “Again, you just have to grow, you have to grow up and accept responsibilities for the things that you do. I think it’s really important to know yourself and understand what you want and get it.

I’m in a different place right now.” Ashanti and Nelly in 2012.

But she have a booty that puts Kim Kardashian’s butt to shame, so she’s got that going for her, which is nice… (Photo Credit: Splash) The 34-year-old (crazy, right?!

) appeared on ‘The Meredith Vieira Show’ earlier today, March 13, and opened up about calling it quits with the ‘Hot in Herre’ singer, 40, last year after nearly a decade together.

A Libra woman is the very portrait of soft, elegant femininity, bestowed with incredible social skills and is notoriously charming with an angel like smile.

(Nelly has a daughter, Chanel, 21, and a son, Cornell, 16, from a previous relationship.) During the daytime talk show, Ashanti got even more personal when she spoke about a man who's been stalking her since 2003.

We scoured the interwebs and our own treasure trove of celebrity knowledge to bring you 15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men.

Judy Eddy/African-American author, poet, feminist, producer, civil rights activist and overall amazing woman Maya Angelou has devoted much of her life to giving an honest look inside black culture, particularly from a female point of view.

Libra and Scorpio make a lovely couple especially if it is Libra woman and Scorpio man.

Both of them value commitment and both are focused on togetherness, although in different ways!

"I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.


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