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Like the “Sookie Stackhouse” and “Harry Potter” series before it, “Fifty Shades” has something to teach close-minded American adults about letting lose and truly thinking outside the box. One of them thinks she has been blessed with the ability to read other people’s thoughts and spends her days cavorting with dead people.

The other thinks he has a bit of immortality and is friendly with giants and trolls.

Both exhibit signs of hallucinations and delusions of grander, bordering on schizophrenia.

But, if Christian Grey lived next door to you would you think of him as mentally ill as well?

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Christian not only takes her virginity, but introduces her to a world most of us have only heard rumors about — bondage and discipline.

If you know exactly what you want from the opposite sex and are ready to fan the flames of desire, it isn't worth it spending hours chatting aimlessly.However, at least for Christian, it was always about pleasure. James offering a glimpse into the life of someone suffering from a mental disorder, such as sex addiction, or is she, instead, teaching us that sex outside the missionary position can still be considered “normal”?


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