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The Lötschental is much closer than many people believe and visitors can reach it easily and conveniently by public transport. Plan your own individual journey – including journeys within the Lötschental - using the SBB CFF FFS Rail/Bus Timetable.

This section provides information that will help you to plan your journey to the Lötschental by public transport. This section provides information to help you plan your journey by air.

JOURNAL OF FILM PRESERVATION #95October 2016EDITORIALRachael Stoeltje OPEN FORUMBecoming an “Expert System”: An Investigation Into the Public Role of Film Heritage Institutes Nico de Klerk Film Preservation & Restoration Workshop India 2016Spencer Christiano Christian Dimitriu (1945-2016)Robert Daudelin¿Quién era Christian Dimitriu?

Iván Trujillo Bolio Ib Monty (1930-2016)Dan Nissen Faut-il manipuler les images du passé pour les transmettre?

Doyen, 1859-1916Tiago Baptista La Passion du cinéma et les rencontres d’une vie Gianni Comencini Technical Column “What is Film?

” FIAF Technical Commission Workshop -61st FIAF Congress, Ljubljana, 8 June 2005 Paul Read, collective paper Einar Lauritzen (1912-2005)Archivist, Historian, Film Lover Paul Spehr Einar Lauritzen - Dandy discret et mécène éclairéChristian Dimitriu Publications Le Fantôme d’Henri LangloisÉric Le Roy Cesk´y Hran´y Film IV – 1961-1970 (Czech Feature Film)Hervé Dumont Confessions of the Film Rebel Robert Daudelin De Pathé Frères à Pathé Cinéma.

Trains depart to and from Berne in the morning and evening and throughout the day on Sundays. There are airport taxis and air buses from Berne-Belp Airport to the main rail network.

Béatrice de Pastre & Laurent Véray ARCHIVES AT WORKHerwinnen door werken (Reclaim through Work)Rommy Albers30 ans de mémoire filmée de la Bretagne Cécile Petit-Vallaud & Gaël Naizet Regional Archives – Negotiating the Actual and the Virtual in Changing Times Frank Gray Le syllogisme magique, ou qu’est-ce qu’une action culturelle (à la Cinémathèque française) ?

Bernard Benoliel Amalia, Enrique García Velloso y Max Glücksmann Paula Felix-Didier & Andrés Levinson BOOKSThe Dawn of Technicolor, 1915-1935David Walsh The Appreciation of Film: The Postwar Film Society Movement and Film Culture in Britain Melanie Selfe DVDSResgate da Obra Cinematográfica de Gerson Tavares Fabricio Felice“Beat” Girl Anthony Blampied Tre filmer av Anja Breien Clyde Jeavons FIAF BOOKSHOPHistorical Column Every Film an Adventure Wolfgang Klaue The First Movie Star in Japanese Film History Yoshiro Irie Technical Column Technical Symposium - FIAF Congress 2006 São Paulo Film Archives in Transition David Walsh In Memoriam Remembering Jana VosikovskáBlažena UrgošíkováJana Vosikovská (1935-2006)Sam Kula News from the Archives Report from the Nordic Archive Meeting in Tromsø,7-9 September 2006Jon Wengström Contribution du CNC à la création du Centre de ressourcesaudiovisuelles au Cambodge Eric Le Roy Publications The Advanced Projection Manual by Torkell Saetervadet David Walsh DVDs Mc Laren, AlexeïeffÉric Le Roy An Innovative Portrait of a Pioneer Revisited Antti Alanen La Belle et la BêteÉric Le Roy Publications Received at the Secretariat FIAF Bookshop J OURNAL OF FILM PRESERVATION #71 July 2006Editorial Spirit of the Times Robert Daudelin Open Forum De l’avenir des cinémathèques José Manuel Costa et Robert Daudelin Archivos en tiempos de cambio62º Congreso de la FIAF, São Paulo, 24 y 25 de abril de 2006Alfonso del Amo García Historical Column From Parchment to Pictures to Pixels Balancing the Accounts: Ernest Lindgren and the National Film Archive, 70 Years On David Francis Survey La situación del patrimonio fílmico en Iberoamérica Maria Rita Galvão News from the Archives New Affiliates : Berne: “Lichtspiel” - sauver des trésors et remettre les films àl’écran David Landolf Jos: Nigeria’s National Film, Video, and Sound Archive (NFVSA): Ideas and Expectations Nwanneka Okonkwo Affiliates: Berlin: Moving Spaces.

Production Design Film Kristina Jaspers, Peter Mänz, Nils Warnecke Buenos Aires: The Stoessel Expedition Marcela Cassinelli Stockholm: Open Access to a World of Film: The New Library of the Swedish Film Institute Mats Skärstrand Publications Andy Warhol Screen Tests: The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné by Callie Angell Christian Dimitriu André Deed - Boireau, Cretinetti, Gribouille, Toribio, Foolshead, Lehman…Éric Le Roy DVDs Edison: The Invention of the Movies Antti Alanen Coffrets PialatÉric Le Roy Une partie de campagne Robert Daudelin Petr Skala: A Hidden Experimenter Paolo Cherchi Usai Publications Received at the Secretariat FIAF Bookshop JOURNAL OF FILM PRESERVATION #70 November 2005Editorial Report of the President on behalf of the Executive Committee –61st FIAF Congress in Ljubljana, June 2005Eva Orbanz Open Forum The Market vs.

The Museum Alexander Horwath Response to Alexander Horwath Nicola Mazzanti Traditional Film Projection in a Digital Age Mark-Paul Meyer The Oral History Project Elaine Burrows The “October Recommendation”Marking 25 Years of a Revolutionary Doctrine Ray Edmondson Historical Column The Central African Film Unit as a Vehicle for African Developmentin Zimbabwe, 1948-64M. Mukotekwa The Odyssey of the Battleship On the Reconstruction of Potemkin at the Filmmuseum Berlin Enno Patalas“Il faut voir le maître”A Recent Restoration of Surgical Films by E.-L.

The pathologist, who did this without permission, was Dr. As the bereaved learned about it they gave their belated approval to take out and scientifically examine Einsteins brain. His whole written property was given to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where it is still to be seen today, in the Albert Einstein Archives.


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