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Relocation disputes are cases between separated parents where one of them proposes to move to a new geographic location with their child and the other parent objects to the proposals.

This Research Paper reports the first set of findings from a major study of relocation cases in England and Wales based on cases decided in 2012.

In turn, you would expect foreign-language ø(ː) to map onto nonrhotic English NURSE, as happens with French deux dø mapped onto Br E dɜː or German Goethe ˈɡøːtə onto Br E ˈɡɜːtə.

Yet on the whole we call the painter not ˈbrɜːɡl̩ but ˈbrɔɪɡl̩. I can only suppose that our usual pronunciation is based on the spelling with eu interpreted according to the reading rules of German.

The mere fact that a partner thought that cheating was an option is indicative of an unacknowledged wound, or at a least, an unacknowledged need.


The full paper is now available to download without charge from the Social Science Research Network.

They wound us in ways that we can’t even articulate or understand.

All we know is that we ache and that the pain makes us question ourselves, our partners, our relationships and our future.

Prepare to witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL letter of rebuttal. Next you brought up the Death Star's "operational shortcomings" and, surprise, surprise, the whole "critical vulnerability" in our unprotected exhaust port. Maybe if you bothered to look a little closer, you'd see that we've got a lot of great things going on too, like our cantina's famous Penne Arrabiata. Perfectagon ever teach you not to judge a monolithic death laser by its ominous gunmetal grey cover?

In your introductory paragraph you said that, "any enormous project that is brain-meltingly complex, ravenously consumes resources, and aims to deliver an Undefeatable Ultimate Weapon is [...] not a good thing." Isn't it, The Pentathlon? What's so complex about a 160km-across superlaser powered by a gigantic hypermatter reactor and equipped with 123 hyperdrive field generators tied into a navigational field matrix? How many countries have YOU "helped"/ruthlessly invaded in order to steal their natural resources for yourselves. It sure sounds to us like SOMEBODY had a pretty tough time as a baby Pentagon. Except you didn't even know you were playing the game, which makes it DOUBLE SPACE CHECKMATE. You go on to mention that the Death Star only fired its main weapon once as if that's some kind of a bad thing. It means the Death Star has hit absolutely everything it's fired at.

As is often the case with foreign names in English, we’re not entirely sure how to pronounce them, either.


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