A serial shaggers guide to internet dating my 1001 lovers who is paula abdul currently dating

I think readers will learn something from this work by Clive Worth, if only to be taught that anyone who is dyslexic and maybe the black sheep can overcome and succeed.I must also say that this novel is sure to raise some eyebro Being addicted to women and dating is not a new thing for Clive Worth, however he is still searching for that one woman to love.


While there have been some scarey stories about meeting dangerous people via the internet, as long as you exercise common sense online dating can be fun.

Read this book, follow the simple instructions and you will soon find yourself so much more successful with women, that you will wonder HOW YOU LIVED WITHOUT IT!

Have you ever wondered what the secret to successful Internet dating is?

The amazing story of how, over a five-year period, ex-miner turned serial shagger, sex god and love guru Clive Worth has dated and had sexual relationships with over 1001 women, thanks to introductions via Internet dating services.

At one point Clive was online to11 different services, and all at the same time!Perhaps just being in the presence of a man with lexical charm and alluring smarts is enough for chicks to drop their defenses (and their panties).



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